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MMPTM Résumé Round-Out


Reveal your strengths


Portray Yourself Authentically

Characteristics with a psychological basis are notoriously difficult to describe yourself with in work situations where it counts. You know they are important, yet describing yourself in these terms can quickly sound superlative when applying for a job. It will be very helpful if you could affirm your particular strengths in Physical, Cognitive, Personal, Social and Inspirational factors as showcased by the MMP as an independent and scientifically validated measure.


Complimentary Offer


Now, you can get one step closer to illustrating what four top character strengths lie behind your work performance. Do this in a professional manner with the Bar-On MMPTM Résumé Round-Out.

Use entry code: " MMP-STRENGTHS " to complete the assessment and view your brief report free of charge. Thereafter, in-depth reports are available for purchase.

Entry Code


Bolster Your Résumé

You are allowed to attach your Bar-On MMPTM Résumé Round-Out page to your job application or bio. Or, copy and embed your indicated MMPTM strengths in your résumé or cover page. When you do so, you must add the wording: "Assessed by the Bar-On MMPTM." Always keep a copy of your MMP Résumé Round-Out page on hand if you have to show proof.


Maximize the Value of This Offer


This offer is also a great way to experience the MMP assessment first-hand. Once you've completed it, you can upgrade to a more comprehensive report, as well as receive a professional debriefing of your results by an MMP Qualified Specialist. To determine which MMP report type is best for you, contact us for assistance.

"Our team's innovation went through the roof after the MMP helped us address our engagement and ingenuity."
"I can't believe how far I've come in the last 6 months. I'm so glad to have had opportunities to develop self-insight and decisiveness using the MMP. The career move I made really paid off."
"Turns out I was at high risk for burnout. I thought its just how the work is - love it or leave it, you know? I didn't even know until the MMP pointed it out. And the best part, the MMP showed me how to prevent it."
"Thank you for pointing me in the right direction of a wonderful MMP Qualified Specialist. If it wasn't for her, I could not have excelled in my dream job."
"I love using the MMP. Easy platform to use, fast returns and nothing but a great experience!"
"It's like you read my mind with the information I needed to show the MMP to my boss. Thank you!"
"Already, the MMP is trusted by the world's best. Clearly our organization is in good company."
2.6x higher the likelihood for employees experiencing high risk for burnout to leave their current employer than others [ O.C. Tanner Institute ]
8% of organizations believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value [ Deloitte ]
14% unstructured job interviews predict top talent [ AON ]
17% of companies believe they have the right people throughout the company to execute their business strategy [ The Predictive Index ]
20% of employees have the skills needed for both current and future jobs [ Gartner ]
23% higher likelihood for employees experiencing high risk for burnout to visit the emergency room [ O.C. Tanner Institute ]
24% of managers have limited knowledge, offer inadequate feedback and can't help employees develop their skills [ Yoh ]
24% of overwhelmed and less-productive colleagues affect team performance [ VitalSmarts ]
30% of executives say getting the most out of their employees is one of their biggest challenges [ The Predictive Index ]
32% of employees wait more than 3 months to receive feedback from their managers [ AON ]
33% of new hires felt their on-boarding gave them the tools and resources needed to learn how to perform in their job [ TalentLMS ]
33% of time spent being unproductive by employees who feel distressed [ EAPA ]
1 sick day taken per month by employees who feel distressed [ EAPA ]
39% give poor performance as the #1 reason for an employee demotion [ OfficeTeam ]
39% of employees would work harder - are more industrious - if they are happy in their current role or place of work [ One4all ]
41% of employees feel less productive when they are stressed [ Colonial Life ]
42% of employees trust their own boss over strangers [ Harvard Business Review ]
45% of HR leaders think annual performance appraisals provide inaccurate reviews of employees' work performance [ CoreAxis ]
47% of HR professionals find managing performance and providing professional development opportunities challenging [ XperHR ]
49% of last year's hires were good hires according to executives [ The Predictive Index ]
49% of employers say it was a challenge to find candidates with hard skills [ LaSalle ]
50% likelihood of managers making a poor hiring decision [ AON ]
51% of employers experience difficulty in looking for employees with soft skills [ LaSalle ]
61% employees are terminated because they lack the behavioral fit or cognitive ability needed for the job [ The Predictive Index ]
63% higher likelihood for employees experiencing high risk for burnout to take a sick day [ O.C. Tanner Institute ]
64% of managers say they don't think their own employees will be able to keep pace with skills needed in the future [ Gartner ]
68% of executives said they found out about employees' issues or concerns for the first time during performance evaluations [ Reflektive ]
69% of employees will reject a job offer if they find out that a company's workers are generally unhappy [ Hibob ]
69% of Gen-Z employees have experienced periods of decreased work productivity due to job burnout [ Zapier ]
73% of Millennial employees have experienced periods of decreased work productivity due to job burnout [ Zapier ]
76% of employees said that an employer would be more appealing if it offered additional training designed to develop their skills for the future [ Axonify ]
82% of employees say a lack of progression would influence the decision to leave their jobs [ CareerAddict.com ]
85% of employees would consider leaving their organization over an unfair performance review [ Reflektive ]
Twice as many employees seek recognition for accomplishments instead of a salary increase [ Deloitte ]
3x higher is the employee engagement with weekly employee-manager communication [ Gallup ]
4.6x more likely that employees feel empowered to perform their best work when they feel their voice is heard [ Salesforce.com ]
34% higher employee performance in talent-optimized organizations [ The Predictive Index ]
36% more revenue from employees with good job fit [ AON ]
37% of executives say their #1 priority is talent strategy [ The Predictive Index ]
42% more profit from employees with good job fit [ AON ]
50% of employees say their employers provide career development opportunities that meet the need and chances for advancement [ APA ]
57% of employees will be more productive, loyal, and take less time off work if their employer proactively supports their mental well-being [ Health Shield ]
61% of employees say their employers are willing to provide upskilling opportunities in technical and soft skills for the future [ APA ]
69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized [ PwC ]
69% of high-performing talent organizations are more likely to feature clearly defined critical and desirable skills in their job descriptions [ Allegis Group ]
70% of employees are in uncertain jobs, but can be prepared for the future [ Pearson ]
73% of talent professionals say people analytics will be a major priority for their company over the next 5 years [ LinkedIn ]
81% of talent professionals agree that internal recruiting improves retention [ LinkedIn ]
87% of organizational leaders say that data enhances their credibility [ Qlik ]
89% of talent professionals say a multigenerational workforce makes a company more successful [ LinkedIn ]
92% of employees are open to their organization collecting data on their work if it improves their performance or well-being, or generates personal benefits [ Accenture ]
97% of employees think that data improves their job performance [ Qlik ]
MMP to Perform
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MMP to Perform
14845 Yonge Street, Unit 6
Aurora, Ontario
Canada, L4G 6H8
MMP to Perform
14845 Yonge Street, Unit 6
Aurora, Ontario
Canada, L4G 6H8
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